Trash Hauling Services

Residential Dumpster Rentals

Same Day Services

Avel Roll Off delivers trash containers in the Los Angeles area on the same day a request is made. Please call early to assure availability of a container that fits your needs.

Weekend and Special Services

We deliver and pickup containers on the weekends upon request. Customers may also keep the container for an extra day if necessary. Please give us advance notice when you require special services.



Los Angeles Residential Dumpster Rentals

Commercial & Industrial Services

Commercial Trash Services

Avel Roll Off picks up and delivers trash containers to factories, warehouses and other industrial clients in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Convenient Trash Pick-up Schedules

We deliver and pickup containers on a daily basis, a weekly basis or as needed by our clients. Our prompt and efficient commercial services will help your company maintain compliance with L.A. County health regulations.

Extended Contracts

We offer substantial discounts to our commercial and industrial clients who require long-term trash services.



Commercial and Industrial Roll Off Services

Dirt and Concrete Hauling Services

Lowboy Containers

Avel Roll Off picks up, hauls and delivers “low boy” containers for dirt and concrete in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.


Low boy containers have low sides and an open top to make loading and unloading dirt and concrete easy and efficient. Our containers have a rear gate to allow easy access for wheelbarrows.


Our low boys are 16 ft. x 8 ft. x 2 ft. high.

Concrete and Dirt Demo, Loading and Hauling

Need help removing concrete, dirt or brick from your job site? Our crews will demo and load brick, concrete and other heavy materials for you.



Lowboy for Dirt and Concrete Hauling

We Pay Cash for Scrap Metal


Transform your broken equipment, construction debris, and other scrap metals into cash! We will come to your site, load and remove your metals and pay you cash on the spot. With one call, you can have the junk from your warehouse and yard removed, get some extra cash in hand and create open space for your next project.


If you prefer, we will drop off a large recycling bin at your site, pick it up later and deliver your loaded scrap metal to a local recycling center. We’ll send you the check for the proceeds.


Avel Roll Off provides scrap metal recycling services to help keep Los Angeles clean and green!

Scrap Metal Hauling and Recycling

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